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There is something for everybody.  Whether it's working out one on one, with a partner, in a groups setting, or by yourself, there is a program with a regimen that will help you achieve your fitness goals.




You hold the key to your success...

 I just help you turn it

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 Pilates is a low impact form of exercise which emphasizes core strength and stability.  In addition it develops much of what we need or trying to improve: strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, posture, coordination, tone, & balance. 

Come join me in the STUDIO


50 min sessions  

1 on 1 Private Sessions 

average rate $80

Semi - Private 

average rate $65 per person

Small Group Session

average rate $15 per person

Your personalized workouts will be on the Pilates reformer.  With the core as a primary focus, workouts are designed to improve the following:


- Strength  -Toning  - Flexibility  - Balance

Note: studio is located in Houston, TX

** Virtual studio for Mat Pilates Classes coming soon**

personal training

Personal Training

 Personal Training consists of 3 different types of training 
  • Weight Loss: this training program is high cardio combined with functional training. The goal is to increase cardio and muscular endurance, optimize fitness, and strengthen the core and tone the muscles. 
  • Strength / Dynamic: this is designed for those already around your goal weight and just need to tone up or add some definition. The goal is to improve muscular strength and endurance, power, and overall fitness. 
  • Functional Training: this program helps those who are starting or coming back to fitness. Also for those who may have limitations or experience pain while working out.The goal is to get you moving in a safe manner, while gaining strength and confidence.

Come join me at the GYM or on the WEB


30 / 50  min sessions

1 on 1 Privates

average rate $45 / 80


Partner Sessions

average rate $40 / 65

Small Group 

rate based on number of participants

at the GYM we will do workouts based on the goals you are working to achieve​

- Strength  - Tone Weight loss -

**  Train anywhere with a Virtual Training Session **


Train for the Big Day
Ignited Escape

Wedding Party (Bachelorette or Bachelor) · Birthdays · Reunions · Etc

These 4 - 6 week programs are designed to help you (and your crew) be at your best for your Big Day. Let's get you and your bridal party toned and tightened, be the star of the show on your birthday, or the talk of the town at your class or family reunion (you know they'll have something to say, lol).
The best part is these programs can be done in virtually, in Houston, TX or as an Ignited Escape!
Please contact for rates

Come join me in HOUSTON or your preferred DESTINATION

Click below for more info about the Ignited Escape 

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