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Welcome to Fit Life Ignited!
My goal is to get (&Keep) you healthy & Fit so you can
live your best life.
Coach L.-

Marble Texture
Let's get fired up!

Start by choosing your session type:

30 or 60 min

· Strengthen
· TOne
· Weight loss
· move better

virtual or in person
30 or 60 min

· core strength
· Muscle TOne
· balance
· flexibility

virtual or in person
4/8/12 Week Plan
· Workout plans 
· Nutrition Guidance

Check ins
· weekly check ins 

virtual only

Coming SOON!

Virtual Studio
Pick the Membership that works for you.

get access to

· live Mat Pilates sessions

· live Sunday Stretch sessions

· Recaps of the live Sessions

SL Down Dog

Join the fun

on an
Ignited escape
Creating trips that combine your love for Fitness & travel 

We work together to build an itinerary to
match your vibe.

High energy, rest & relaxation, or somewhere in between,

we can make it happen

LEt's be Social

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